PRESS RELEASE: Chatterbox Café Brings Innovation To Town


Pakistan’s premier bakery, Pie in the Sky’s newest café, Chatterbox opened its doors in DHA – Phase VI, Karachi. Chatterbox Café promises to bring innovation to the city’s food map with the launch of its new café. The café that grew out of a bakery, previously introduced Karachiites to the idea of a bakery-café for a unique dining experience.

“Chatterbox was initially an extension of Pie in the Sky, since there was no concept of having a seating area or a café with a bakery in Karachi; we introduced the idea for the first time in Karachi. Chatterbox evolved from there. Since I like to challenge myself, I decided to start this new venture to take Chatterbox in a new direction. Also, what drives me is the love and passion for the brand,” said Naila Naqvi, Owner Chatterbox.

Naila with friends

Naila Naqvi, Owner of Chatterbox, entertaining friends at the new café

The launch of the new café, located at Bukhari Commercial, brings with it a fusion of cuisines that are yet to hit Karachi. Breakfast items such as Shakshuka — a Mediterranean dish of eggs poached in a spicy sauce of tomatoes — and Beef Rice Bowl bring an element of exclusivity to the menu. Dishes that are not available in other cafés and restaurants also include Savory Granola and tantalising desserts for those with an insatiable sweet tooth, such as Caramel Budino with salted caramel, White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake, and Sticky Toffee Pudding. To maintain the taste and quality, the management imports most of the ingredients; Swiss chocolate is used for desserts that require chocolate and fresh fruits.


The café has a country and rustic feel to it, thanks to the antiques and brick walls. “The idea was to create a comfortable and welcoming environment. We started off with antiques and brick walls to give it a rustic feel. The furniture and lights are from Dubai to create an edge,” said Naila Naqvi.


A new diner is always welcome in Karachi, provided it keeps up with the foodies’ expectations. Chatterbox is sure to live up the expectations after setting a standard with its bakery café. If you are a food lover and looking for exquisite and innovative menu, Chatterbox’s menu is sure to surprise you! The café has not set a specific target market in mind, as all those who appreciate exquisite flavours are welcome.


Published in DEEP.

It was during my visits to Mumbai that I was first exposed to the coffee culture at some wonderful coffeehouses like Barista, Café Coffee Day and Café Mocha. The ambiance was relaxing, non-intrusive and conducive to creativity.

It was there that I discovered that the coffee culture does not merely signify drinking coffee but actually represents a certain lifestyle. The coffee shop or café is a place for social and business interaction; for long conversations and brainstorming sessions; for peace and quiet with your own thoughts.

If one looks up the history of this café culture, it dates back to 16th century Turkey. But now the culture is visible in many countries around the world where caffeine is an important part of the life of morning commuters (often shown in Hollywood flicks based in New York City). It has been carefully and consciously developed by coffee makers and marketers.

Coffeehouses are also considered the abodes of artists and intellectuals. A few years ago, a writer confided that she became a writer only because she had seen so many people in London writing on their laptops while at Starbucks. I guess inspiration comes from the most unexpected sources.

Coming to Pakistan, the country is full of tea drinkers and thus devoid of a coffee culture. Slowly, we are moving towards it although there haven’t been many success stories of coffee bars (except a few like Indulge and Espresso). But several traditional restaurants and cafés are now offering different varieties on their menus: from mocha to cappuccino to latte and so much more. They also come up with unique names and designs or coffee art. Steamed milk is poured to generate a design or pattern on the surface like a rosetta or a heart shape.

With time, people are developing a taste for drinking coffee and also looking for places where they can unwind and work without disturbance, paving the way for a café culture. With wireless internet available at several such places, it is becoming trendy to sit there for long hours and work on one’s laptop. Students go and discuss group projects, professionals go for networking, friends for chit-chat and media people for interviews.

The coffee culture, like coffee itself, can be very diverse. There is much scope to further develop this caffeinated form of socializing locally. It will give a much-needed space to artists, writers, students, socialites, extroverts and even introverts, and of course to those who simply love coffee!